SkillFocus Consultancy
Overholt International and SkillFocus Consultancy are strategic business partners providing training and consulting services to organizations across all sectors – corporate, government, international organizations, and civil society. Jointly, we network with several organizations in various countries and partner with a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants and specialists across the globe to provide optimal programs for capacity-building, training, study tours, and consultancy interventions. Given our global exposure, we understand cultures better and are able to better customize our training to suit the local needs of our clients and are also able to expose participants to a broader global perspective! Both companies share the same core values for respect, equality, integrity, and professionalism. The leadership of both companies also share a very special relationship having collaborated on various projects dating back to 2000. Given our long-standing relationship and our combined expertise and competence, we aim to provide highly professional and customized training and consulting to our clients from across the spectrum!

Hepinstall Consulting Group
Hepinstall Consulting Group joins Overholt International in a shared mission to unravel the complexities of today’s operations, systems, and processes. Our strategic partnership blends the unique capabilities and experience of both companies to lead sustained change in complex government and private-sector organizations. Our innovative management practices provide a holistic approach for our clients to achieve sustained improvement – by applying a toolset of systems engineering, lean manufacturing, and strategic agility techniques emboldened by advanced high-velocity learning practices, functional deployment methodologies, OPEN Leadership, and other enabling strategies to ensure widespread deployment. In January 2020, we kick off our “Strategic Agility in Lean Times Series” aimed to better prepare leaders in today’s uber-dynamic business ecosystem.

Founded in 2005, Hepinstall Consulting Group, Inc. (HCG) is a management consulting firm that specializes in increasing the responsiveness of complex government and commercial programs. HCG applies a disciplined, systems engineering approach, framed by innovative “rapid-turnaround” strategies, to deliver sustainable long-term performance improvement to large-scale complex systems. Our direct experience, cultivated over 22 years of supporting war-fighting government programs, includes delivering improved business and technical process capabilities, mechanical and industrial engineering solutions, and advanced training solutions to our clients. HCG is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), incorporated in Florida with offices serving the greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

Hillside Technology Solutions
Hillside Technology Solutions and Overholt International have formed a strategic business partnership to provide information technology solutions to clients across all sectors – government agencies, top-tier schools, non-profits and corporations. Using a consultative approach, a team of highly skilled IT professionals provide optimal personalized IT portfolios for clients from design to delivery to implementation and integration. Both companies have a shared commitment to providing flexible, personal, and exceptional services. The leadership of both companies also share a very special relationship, having collaborated on various projects for over 10 years.