Overholt International is collaborative, cooperative, and competitive. Along with our global partners, let us enable you to map out positive change.

You are an organization – governmental, corporate or NGO – seeking to increase your strategic agility through a short-term consultancy. You are also an individual seeking to improve strategic knowledge and skills through a series of targeted knowledge acquisitions.

We will quickly establish a collaborative approach, conduct a mutual analysis of your goals, propose realistic and creative solutions, as well as a practical process to achieve results.


Let us give you a quick start toward your goals through the delivery of new knowledge, skills and abilities. We can focus these series and seminars on your sector and at your convenience.

  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)© Certificate Course: Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability to function well in culturally diverse settings. Experts agree that this simple, easily applicable approach can improve effectiveness in work environments. Learn more…
  • Strategic Agility in Lean Times Seminar Series© The series will increase your understanding and practice of strategic agility, how to overcome disruption, to integrate this knowledge with lean process improvements to increase your effectiveness, and to create opportunities for you to take your leadership to the next level.
  • Professional diplomacy and comportment: All professionals need to understand how to project diplomatically an authentic voice, attitude and body language that lead to mutually beneficial outcomes in all environments.
  • Developing new managers: This seminar provides practical knowledge and skills for transforming technically agile staff members into good managers.
  • Coaching managers into leaders: Personal coaching for executive accomplishments is a skill and an art. Let us discuss where you aim to go.
  • Goal-driven Communications: This seminar will help define your goals and audiences, analyze your strengths and gaps, and create the new tools to achieve your aims.
  • Transitioning new team members into effective teams: We will provide new thinking on how to create high-performance teams and to establish group confidence.
  • Time management: We will help you and your team develop the savvy on how to use time, your most precious resource, to its best advantage.
  • Coaching for personal success: This series will provide the confidence and skills to present your best self personally and professionally.


We help you appreciate your ecosystem, understand your niche, and define the strategies to prepare you and your organization for new achievements at the scale you envision. We have worked to expand the capacity of governmental, corporate and not-for-profit organizations. In this consultancy, we will develop a plan and work closely with you over a defined period to achieve the objectives that we have jointly targeted.


We tailor our highly professional services to the needs of individuals and organizations in all sectors: corporate, government, and not-for-profits.

  • client logosMinistry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: delivered trainings to integrate new teams and to prepare staff with leadership skills (2 groups); for the Institute of International Education
  • Senior leaders, Supreme Court of Nigeria: delivered trainings on leadership for executive administrators (2 groups): with strategic partner International Development Institute
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Afghanistan: created change management seminars to alter the delivery of services to constituents (4 groups)
  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program: created and delivered training on communications for new work group; for the Institute of International Education
  • TESOL, Thailand: Keynote Address on Business English: Invited Speaker
  • US Embassies of Madagascar, Algeria and Morocco: Series on International Exchange Facilitation (7 groups): Invited Speaker
  • Aramco, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc., LG, Embassy of Ghana to the U.S.: Study Tours for Professionals: (10 groups): Awarded Projects
  • Albion College Alumni Association: Seminar delivered Professional Diplomacy and Comportment with strategic partner Hepinstall Consulting Group


Topics include:

  • Finding Your Niche
  • Leadership
  • Transformative Power of International Exchange
  • The Importance of Disruptive Education


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